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Food waste


Disposing food waste is a global problem today. One third of all produced food ends up in landfills. Trucks transporting food waste emit carbon dioxide. Landfills emit methane and toxic water which then enters ground waters.

This shows just the size of the problem. And the problem is only increasing.


Landfilled food per year

Globally (2015.) GBP £ bil.

Globally (2015.) billions tons

Globally (2030.) GBP £ t

Globally (2030.) billions tons

We can change that. Griffon digesters allow you to dispose of food waste immediately at your location.

In your restaurant, hotel, any business that involves food preparation. No storage. No trucks. No unpleasant odors and pests.

Better for your staff and your customers.

Griffon 500

How does the Griffon digester work?

Griffon digester are built of stainless steel and carefully designed by top experts for efficient and quality work. Leftover food or food waste should be placed into the device regularly to achieve the maximum digestive capacity. Each model is equipped with scales that allow you to track the weight of each piece of food you put in the device – displayed on the personalized control panel of the device.

Food waste digestion process

Is it better to process food scraps/waste on your location or send it to landfills?

Much better. Much simpler. Legally compliant.

Processing food waste/scraps immediately at your location is more cost-effective and brings benefits to the environment and society.
Your customers will see you as a socially responsible company focused on sustainable business practices.

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